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Gorgeous body...
Incredible eyes...
And he can act too.

John Paul Pitoc

A born-and-bred New Yorker (now living in LA), J.P. Pitoc made his feature film debut playing Mark in the 1999 independent film TRICK. That jump to film follows years of work on stage in New York and studying acting at New York University as well as the Stella Adler Conservatory (where he also taught).

JP appears as a Chippendale Dancer in Just Can't Get Enough.

Available now from Wolf Video.

Just Can't Get Enough

Shoot or Be Shot!
JP appears in the independent film staring William Shatner and Harry Hamlin Shoot or Be Shot. Watch for it at your local rep movie house.

Recent Appearance: Six Feet Under Season 2 Finale on HBO. Phil is reappearing in Season 3.

Recent Appearance: Ford Focus Commecial playing the messenger boy who takes a package to Fargo then to Vegas (he drives to ND then NV instead of taking them to the people named Fargo and Vegas in the same building).

New JP Project! Thank You, Good Night Movie Website!

I'll probably create an FAQ page sometime, but for now, here are answers the three most Frequently Asked Questions I get emailed to me:
Is JP really gay? No, Mark Miranda in TRICK is gay.
JP Pitoc is an actor and he identifies as straight
(Christian Campbell too, if you were wondering).
How can I contact JP? Not sure. He used to have an email address, but he seems to have dropped it. I'm sure he has management, and he's been working a lot (just not a lot getting released). I'll post an address as soon as I have it.
Do you have any other photos of JP? Yes, but they're all from other sites that are in the WebRing, on the Links page, or a newer, gallery site; check there.
No, I won't send copies to you.
[And no, I don't have any nude photos of JP. Get a life! And an imagination... goodness, that G-string was barely there at all.]
Again, no, I won't send copies of photos. (Did I mention I won't send copies of photos?)

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photos from his Futura appearance
photos from Boston Public appearance

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