Letterpress: Cards and Broadsides

Those of you who have been by the table at the the shows in 2014 may have noticed a growing number of letterpress items. This is a line that will be expanding in 2015, and I'm anticipating putting those into a shop before spring.

For those keeping track, there are three broadsides from last year:

  • The Litany Against Fear from Dune (edition of 25)
  • Rules of Technology by Douglas Adams (edition of 42)
  • Art and Money from Iggy Pop's BBC 6 John Peel speech (edition of 25)

Each is a multicolor letterpress print from hand-set metal and mood type. There are an additional 4 copies on a different style paper. At least two are expected in 2015.

I've begun making letterpress cards as well. These are available locally in San Francisco and will also land in the shop.

Clockwork Alchemy 2014

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, especially my many returning customers. It was lovely to see you.

If you asked about a custom order, please visit the contact page to drop a note about what you're looking for. You can also see available papers on the Paper page above.

I'm very excited to be returning to Clockwork Alchemy again this year. I'll have several new book structures available, including a very inexpensive pocket journal.

If you're inclined to hear me ramble about books, please come to either the lecture on book structures and changes in 19th century binding on Saturday, May 24 at 11:00AM or to the case binding workshop on Sunday evening from 7:00-10:00PM. Participation in the workshop requires a commitment to the full three hours, and the kit is $40.00. The kit contains all the materials to make a small (about 4"x3") case bound book with two classic short stories, a colored endpaper, and cloth and paper cover.

New Papers March 2014

New Papers October 2013


So very many wonderful boxes: We will make all the boxes

New Papers August 2013

New Papers January 2013

I should stay out of Asakichi.

New Papers December 2012

One last hurrah before the end of the year.

New Papers June 2012

Arrived at Asakishi an hour after the new paper did.

Fanime 2012 Countdown

One week. Lots to do, but feeling pretty good about what's done.

Booth 130 in the Artist Alley. Hope to see you there.

Map of Fanime 2012 Artist Alley