For the Jury

Below are some examples of work I'd like to bring to the Indie Zone in September 2021.

Although I still have a number of blank books, I want to emphasize the letterpress printed broadsides and small edition books.


Thanks for your consideration.

May I Interest You in a Book?

In 2017, I was selected to contribute a book to the San Francisco Center for the Book's annual Small Plates project. It was the first time I'd done an actual edition of a hundred books.

Being located in San Francisco, the Center, which normally hosts about 400 classes per year in bookbinding, printing, calligraphy, and related arts, has been closed since The City issued their Shelter in Place Order on March 17, 2020.

If you've ever thought about starting a limited edition book collection, they have a variety of offerings as well as other book-related materials, and most recently, items from their instructors.

Clarifying, this sale is through the Center. I have most of my own portion of the edition as well, but right now, my day job is secure. I'd much rather you support them or another artist who has lost their income right now.

Contact Disabled

Hey, I've had a little flurry of spam getting through the contact page, so I've disabled it for the time being.

You can email to Brian at the domain if you need anything.

Stay safe out there.

Leather Pocket Journal

[Updated 2/18] There are currently 5 seats left.

I'll be teaching my first class at SFCB on March 18.

Registration is available through the Center:

SFCB Holiday Fair

SFCB Holiday Fair 2016

Please join us at the 2016 SFCB Holiday Fair.

Thanks, Sacanime

Another lovely weekend at Sacanime. Thanks to the AA team for their usual great job running the hall.

If you picked up a card, please feel free to drop me a note about what you're looking for.  I spoke with several people about specialty books they wanted. Sidenote: I am fully booked through September.

Thanks, Clockwork Alchemy

Books on the table at ClockworkA big thank you to everyone, staff and con-goers, at Clockwork Alchemy this weekend.

I know a lot of you picked up cards and had ideas for books. Please click on "Contact Me" above to drop a line.

See you again soon.


Compact Leather Journals

Based on the Nag Hammadi codex, these hand-sized books in leather have been a big hit.

Acquaintance Cards

Hot off the press for Clockwork Alchemy 2016, Victorian Acquaintance Cards.

Letterpress printed in two colors. Six styles available individually or as a set.

Fanime 2012 5/29/2012 12:23:00 AM

Just a brief note for those who came by this weekend to say thank you very much. The level of creativity on display at Fanime all over the con is always very inspiring and humbling.